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Another fantastic time, you all know how to get down!

LUSHES marionette binary marketing show the camel richmond va

thanks to all of you who came up the insanely scary stairs to the Annex in Baltimore last night. IneveryRoom, LUSHES, great Taproot….

We had a swell time with all of you, the dancing was rad, the people were nuts(in that great way) and then we got some sweet time to ourselves at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Thanks to Chase, Amy & Rob for getting it all together and then guiding us around town for good eats and sites…

Now we are in Virginia at The Camel about to play with Lushes for our last time this tour and Marionette for our first time…yep

here are some from our Camel show!

Now for some pictures of last nights show, our last show with LUSHES, and first with the fabulous Marionette.

The Lushes:

LUSHES The camel 8/29 Richmond VA


Marionette the Camel 8/29 Richmond VA

See ya tonight? did I say that last time? hmmmph

Thanks to the mitten! Annex here we come!

Golden Ages LUSHES the binary marketing show Savages 8/27 philly 2010

Thank you to ALL the lovely people who came out to the mitten last night. We had a wonderful time dancing, singing bday songs, riding unicorns and roof top jumping( James at least) . Johann is the man and all his pals are grand! Can’t wait to see you guys and gals again. As for now, we are headed to play the annex in Baltimore with our pals lushes, Ineveryroom, great taproot, talk to animals & omoo omoo. We had a swell time checking out a few Philly sites before our departure , the magic garden & the liberty bell( through a window). We’ll post some pics soon! See you in Baltimore !

Philly funtastical magic, with unicorns and horses….

Golden Ages:


EP release the mitten

baltimore with pals:

INEVERYROOM great taproot binary marketing show LUSHES Annex talk to animals

Amy & Chase(ineveryroom minus Rob:():

The Baltimore Art Museum:


James from Lushes blatimore the annex

the binary marketing show:

binary marketing show the annex 8/28

Nearing departure!

Get a digital copy of our new EP for free…

We have 4 days to go and we still need some work on our tour vehicle! Thanks to ALL who have donated (we are ever so grateful) and to ALL who have not and would like to, follow this here link( ) and make us smile big and pretty as we leave this city for your town!

Donate $6 and receive one of our previous albums and get free download of our EP, Clues From the Past, upon its release (8/27)!
Any donations, even $1, would be appreciated!
Thanks x 10^9 = a lot!
-abram & bethany

The Cave (Chapel Hill) 7/9 10pm!

Yes, my dear friends –

Cracker Creeptacular is playing a show at The Cave in Chapel Hill. This Friday night With their good buddies Object (brooklyn, ny –, and we, The Binary Marketing Show ,(maspeth, ny – will be there as well, making this more epic than a pterodactyl having a baby with a bald eagle. Yep

The Great Eastern Escape

in the back of August’s mind, there lies a trip out across the eastern regions of the good ol’ U. S. of A. join up with us if the road brings you easterly.

dates and show times to be posted. if you’d like to help us find a show to play in your lot of the trailer park, shoot us an email at if you’d like to make monetary contribution, visit our Bandcamp site to get digital copies of our past records. we’ll be forever grateful.