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Summer tour 2019

NYE Show! Let’s end this year together!

Additionally Whales Whailing will be starting off the show:

Show starts at 8pm $7

AD182 ‘Already Dead V: DIY or DIE’


We are super stoked to be on this with so many magical beings!

“Our yearly compilations serve as a testament to what Already Dead stands for: community, artistic expression, a passion for an ever growing range of genres and sounds, and collaborating with artists we truly believe in. This year we’ve curated a collection of songs that is eclectic, engaging, and dear to our hearts; a natural extension of our catalog. At over three hours long, the physical release is a double 92 minute cassette featuring 49 artists, with many familiar faces and a few artists who are new to the fold. As always, we’re also proud to offer this year’s comp as a free download. Thanks for listening.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

released October 16, 2015

Foggy Notion 1.9.2015


Darkswoon//\\The Binary Marketing Show//\\Supersun//\\Scifisol (DJ set)//\\Jan 9th//\\The Foggy Notion//\\

Come on down and absorb all the treats!!
(special indie rock / ambient / electronic dj set 9-10pm)


March 27th=CD Release/Potluck


binary marketing show

already dead tapes