Projection Museum

Kurva Choir: (from all around the world)

Binary Marketing show: (PDX)

Derek Moneypeny: (PDX)


Bob Buck JR: (IA)


Binary Marketing Show: (PDX)

$5 4/12/2017 turn turn turn

Heading to Kalamazoo


Bad History Month, Longface, & Binary Marketing show


Bad History Month (Boston)

The Binary Marketing Show (Portland)

Longface (Chicago)

Already Dead Tapes releases Document II!!

“As we march along on our mission to create a diverse and expansive creative community, we reach a new milestone: 200 releases. To this end, we bring you ‘Document II’, a retrospective cassette that comes with a Golden Ticket good for downloads of our last 100 releases. This is a one-time limited edition of 200 golden cassettes with hand numbered gold fold j-cards and golden tickets.

The mix itself is a collection of just a few of our favorite tracks from the last one hundred releases, a diverse collection of tracks that span genres, from artists all over the world. As always, thank you for listening.”
– Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2016