The Binary Marketing Show is the highly experimental neo-psychedelic avant-pop project of Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder. Their music incorporates found sounds, homemade electronic instruments, synths, horns, and guitars into an eclectic mix of song structures, genres, and moods. Originally a recording project, the group has featured many contributors since it’s inception in 2000. The first release as a duo came in 2010 with the EP entitled “Clues From the Past” which received a mention on NPR’s All Songs Considered and won an Independent Music Award for best EP. Since then, a number of albums, singles, splits and collaborations have been released by labels Already Dead Tapes, Antiquated Future Records, Cold Rhymes Records, and Obsolete Media Objects.


“The more of this I hear, the less it confirms to easy description… Not sure how I missed them over the last decade and a half, but it’s time to play catch up.” – The Wire Magazine

“…dive into a musical adventure that defies convention and revels in the limitless possibilities of experimental soundscapes.” – electronica.org.uk

“…compositions centered around simple and distressed synth lines and reverb-heavy percussion with introspective and whip-smart lyrics.” – Tome to the Weather Machine

“From the opening clatter of ‘Weather Balloon’ we knew we were encountering some unique thinkers.” – Electric Sound of Joy

“So how does one classify the binary marketing show? Indie-Experimental-Electronic-Minimalism? Really-weird-but-endearing-and-sometimes-powerful? Yes, those all work. Although, more simply, how about: “really good”?” – Max Thorn of Independent Clauses

“The Binary Marketing Show take us on a trip into neglected realms of the imagination…” – Queen City Sounds


Email binarymarketingshow at gmail dot com