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Projection Museum

Kurva Choir: (from all around the world)

Binary Marketing show: (PDX)

Derek Moneypeny: (PDX)

March 23rd @Pool’s Closed


***plz note show moved from dark place house to pool’s closed house at SE 20th & Division across from New Seasons**

Gnar Tapes presents:

The Tubs (Belgium/Gnar Tapes/Burger Records)
New tape “Rag” by Ghent, Belgium’s The Tubs is out now on Gnar Tapes and Buger Records! Follow up to last year’s “Birds Don’t Sink” on Gnar Tapes, ‘Rag’ is ripping Belgian gnarage rock; post-pop punk coated in a 90s alternative glaze. Vinyl on Oddie Records & Azbin Records

Love Cop (Gnar Tapes/Burger Records)
Dark Ones. Hood Goth.

Strange Wool
Noise pop shred rock

Funeral Gold
weirdo rippers

Binary Marketing Show
sci-fi electric vibes

@POOL’S CLOSED (20th & Division)/MUSIC @ 7PM SHARP/$5

August 3rd another b-day bash!


Abram’s turning 34, Kierstin & Jessica are turning 24, what more could you ask for?!
Good sound and good folks! See you there

july 8th birthday bash!


Chiffon is coming!

Can’t wait to have our loves here in town! Jan 29 @ Habesha Lounge



troubled by insects


the show is donation based, so bring what you can for the touring bands!