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Some Fun At No Fun

the binary marketing show

Comfort food

Lo Fives

Maryam Gabriel-Imam

$5, 21+, 9:30 PM

Come see us before they light the tree at Rockefeller

No Tell Books ACA Galleries 11/30/2010 6pm

Reb Livingston:

Reb Livingston "No Tell Books" ACA Gallery 11/30/10

Karl Parker:

Karl Parker ACA Gallery 11/30/2010

Bruce Covey & Lea Graham(well her back):

Lea graham & Bruce Covey 11/30/2010 ACA Gallery NY NY

David Kirschenbaum :

Editor of Boog City NY Press ACA Gallery 11/30/2010

Unnameable Books 600 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn,NY 9/25 3pm FREE!

unnameable books festival 600 vanderbilt Brooklyn, NY starts at 12pm Binary marketing show 3pm, it's FREE!

We didn’t get any pictures of the poets, as we left the camera in the car. This is a publication from “little scratch pad” we traded an EP for. Check him out:

Thanks, Douglas!

Ever After Never Under
by: Jaye Bartell

Ever after never under by JAye Bartell

little scratch pad , buffalo, NY