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Small spaces & Old Pals, this Friday October 15th

The Binary Marketing show , CJ Boyd, Leyna Marka Papach, Sycamore 10/152010 Brooklyn,NYThough the lighting was a bit hard to work with, we snapped a few shots of the show Friday evening.

Thanks to all who ventured down the stairs to gaze at the tiny stage holding some lovely sounds of travelers and natives.

Leyna Marika Papach:

Leyna Marika Papach Sycamore Brooklyn NY 10/15/2010

CJ Boyd:

CJ Boyd Sycamore Brooklyn,NY 10/15/2010

Meet us in the Slope

Union Hall October 8th 2010 binary marketing show

Is was quite a lovely evening! We missed getting a picture of “we cannot enjoy ourselves” because we were dancing so much we spaced out, and then they were done…

but here are a few we captured.

The Bridesmaids:

The Bridesmaids union hall 10/8/2010 Brooklyn, NY

The Fancy:

The Fancy Union Hall 10/8/2010 Brooklyn,NY

Thanks to Robin of NPR, All songs Considered, Second Stage!

by Robin Hilton

NPR all songs considered, second stage

The Binary Marketing Show is a lo-fi, intensely experimental electro-pop and rock duo based out Brooklyn that’s produced a tiny little work of art I recently discovered called Clues From The Past. It’s a cozy collection of alluring ear candy that melds strange sonic textures with woozy horns, digital noise, found sounds and distant, haunting voices.

Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew say they met in a post-apocalyptic world while “wandering the ancient underground tunnels beneath (a) mystical city, in search of a place that cured the loneliness of existing in one’s mind.” Heavy.

This is my favorite cut from The Binary Marketing Show’s EP. The name alone speaks volumes.

“I Hate My Brain’

Unnameable Books 600 Vanderbilt Ave. Brooklyn,NY 9/25 3pm FREE!

unnameable books festival 600 vanderbilt Brooklyn, NY starts at 12pm Binary marketing show 3pm, it's FREE!

We didn’t get any pictures of the poets, as we left the camera in the car. This is a publication from “little scratch pad” we traded an EP for. Check him out:

Thanks, Douglas!

Ever After Never Under
by: Jaye Bartell

Ever after never under by JAye Bartell

little scratch pad , buffalo, NY

Megs Birthday Party!!!

Meg is turning 30 fireprrof 9.22.2010 Brooklyn ny

Meg, a pretty awesome dame, is turning 30. It’s kinda a big deal. So we’re kinda throwing a big party for her!

Red Romans:

Red Romans 9/22 Brooklyn fireproof megs bday!

The Binary Marketing Show

the binary marketing show 9/22/2010 brooklyn fireproof