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Lushes (NYC)

“Immaculately produced. . . a slippery, pseudo-orchestral work of minimal instrumentation employed to maximum effect.”
Dots and Dashes (UK)

MEAH! (Chicago)

“Taking clear inspiration from lo-fi king Robert Pollard, as well as the metal-inflected drone riffs of bands like Earth, Meah! is even able to break out of these genre subdivisions by spiking their scratchy instrumentation with strategically placed, shrill cries of what could either be jubilation or horror.”
The Chicago Maroon

The binary marketing show ( Little Rock)

“the soundscapes make way to an interstellar-like feel with a modern, digitized sound. The two collaborate and create an electro-pop song in a light-hearted approach. Through expressive lyrics and a steady, simple beat, with a background of whirs and loops, The Binary Marketing Show demonstrate a beautiful texture and well-layered harmonies.”
Already Dead Tapes

a few new finds from cropped out

We arrived super late on Friday evening for cropped out fest 2012 so we were only able to catch the few remaining acts, but what we heard was incredibly diverse and equally amazing! Thanks to James, Ryan, Joel, William and Doug, and all the people we met like, Sean, Michael, Doug’s cousin and Sal, it was such a grand time!

oh and also this raccoon for not being afraid of anyone and getting to the f ing point finding food in a trash can:

here is a small list of what we caught from cropped out:

Eugene Chadbourne

Michael Zerang & Darin Gray:

Fat history month:

Vinyl coming in a week???? Family reunion show!

Hey all! We are stoked to announce we have vinyl! Well at least the test pressings have arrived with Sean of Already dead tapes. Also, we will be playing a family reunion show for the label in Kalamazoo September 21 2012

Check out the site for details on the release date and the show. We will let you know as soon as we get our hands on these records!

Keep a look out for dates of Cropped out Fest 2012
Another fest we will be playing/attending thrown by our super rad pal James Ardery of LUSHES

AWWWWW….Friends!!! Baltimore here we come, after we have some biscuits of course

Oh Philly…