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Heading to Kalamazoo


Already dead tapes Family Reunion!

We are so excited to be apart of this amazing label and to get to see all of the incredible bands the fine folks at already dead have brought together!

We are playing Friday at 7:30PM , but you should be there for ALL of this, we are so excited! ok I know I said that, but it’s TRRUUUUUEEE!

Here are a few photos, links, videos, of what we discovered in Kalamazoo!!!

Problems that fix themselves:

Hermit Thrushes:

Ou Où:

Daniel francis doyle:

there are two of you

And some bands we did not have the pleasure of being physically present for, but LOVE!

New Diet: :

forget the times:

Vinyl coming in a week???? Family reunion show!

Hey all! We are stoked to announce we have vinyl! Well at least the test pressings have arrived with Sean of Already dead tapes. Also, we will be playing a family reunion show for the label in Kalamazoo September 21 2012

Check out the site for details on the release date and the show. We will let you know as soon as we get our hands on these records!

Keep a look out for dates of Cropped out Fest 2012
Another fest we will be playing/attending thrown by our super rad pal James Ardery of LUSHES

Wedding Bells

My Lovely brother Ryan is getting married! We have a few days off to enjoy our family and our incredible new sister in law, Marie. We will see you in Kalamazoo at the Victory House 8/9 9 PM. more deets to come.


<3 A&B

The Strutt Kalamazoo!

The Strutt
773 W. Michigan
Kalamazoo, MI

REPTILIAN – Kalamazoo’s very own Post Hardcore Punk Emo Core Math Rockin Tappy Screamy Rawk Starz.

EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE) – Count Your Lucky Stars Records front runners.!+Empire!+(I+Was+A+Lonely+Estate)

PAN – Better every time you see them.

BINARY MARKETING SHOW – Quirky indie pop without all the BS that makes 90% of the bands with that label terrible.

Doors at 8pm
First band at 9pm

See you there!