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Projection Museum

Kurva Choir: (from all around the world)

Binary Marketing show: (PDX)

Derek Moneypeny: (PDX)

Valentine’s OCT 21 9pm


Chiffon (Baltimore)

Elon & Jacob Marley (Baltimore)

SUE-C (Portland, OR) handmade visual arts

The WilderBeaste (Portland, OR)
(Bethany Carder of Binary Marketing Show)

Mothership Music 4/4/15


CJ Boyd
Binary Marketing Show

Mothership Music April 4th


Come check out this gathering of old friends and hear some of our new and old sounds.

CJ Boyd

Binary Marketing show

August 3rd another b-day bash!


Abram’s turning 34, Kierstin & Jessica are turning 24, what more could you ask for?!
Good sound and good folks! See you there