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AD182 ‘Already Dead V: DIY or DIE’


We are super stoked to be on this with so many magical beings!

“Our yearly compilations serve as a testament to what Already Dead stands for: community, artistic expression, a passion for an ever growing range of genres and sounds, and collaborating with artists we truly believe in. This year we’ve curated a collection of songs that is eclectic, engaging, and dear to our hearts; a natural extension of our catalog. At over three hours long, the physical release is a double 92 minute cassette featuring 49 artists, with many familiar faces and a few artists who are new to the fold. As always, we’re also proud to offer this year’s comp as a free download. Thanks for listening.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2015

released October 16, 2015

Valentine’s OCT 21 9pm


Chiffon (Baltimore)

Elon & Jacob Marley (Baltimore)

SUE-C (Portland, OR) handmade visual arts

The WilderBeaste (Portland, OR)
(Bethany Carder of Binary Marketing Show)

Mothership Music 4/4/15


CJ Boyd
Binary Marketing Show

Mothership Music April 4th


Come check out this gathering of old friends and hear some of our new and old sounds.

CJ Boyd

Binary Marketing show

Foggy Notion 1.9.2015


Darkswoon//\\The Binary Marketing Show//\\Supersun//\\Scifisol (DJ set)//\\Jan 9th//\\The Foggy Notion//\\

Come on down and absorb all the treats!!
(special indie rock / ambient / electronic dj set 9-10pm)