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Northern November

Our journey to the North

We are looking to go for a weekend outing the first weekend in November(5th-7th). Our ideal route will be:

11/7-New Haven,CT(or wherever Jasmine sees fit)

Any contacts, be it venues or humans, would be appreciated!


Thanks again, as always,

Abram & Bethany

EP review, Metro Pulse, Carey Hodges

Clues from the past EP 8/27/10

Thank’s Carey!

The Brooklyn lo-fi duo Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew, who perform as Binary Marketing Show, create murky compositions that are familiar at the same time they resist categorization. Their latest EP, Clues From the Past, takes found sounds, original instrumentation, and whole lot of reverb and jumbles it up into six songs that morph from dramatic and full-bodied build-ups to naked droning—all of which are occasionally interrupted by spasms of noise. They’ve been compared to Animal Collective, but Carder and Morphew’s newest material escapes AC’s shadow by foregoing accessible song structures. According to their bio, Carder met Morphew while “[w]andering the ancient underground tunnels beneath a mystical city, in search of a place that cured the loneliness of existing in one’s mind.” The group’s music is as much a demonstration of two merging identities as it is an extension of their spiritually tinged relationship­, focusing on the intense emotional dynamic the two obviously share.

Review by Carey Hodges
Metro Pulse Knoxville,TN.

In Loving Memory of my Aunt Judy….Tonight at Warsaw in Brooklyn!

cause & efx festival 9/12 2010

we will be singing to you, Aunt Judy

Flying Monkey Tonight Huntsville,AL

Huntsville AL flying monkey 9/4/2010

old textile mill extravaganza with fellow 8088er SEMIAUTOMATIC GROUND ENVIRONMENT.

semiautomatic ground control, the binary marketing show The Flying Monkey Theatre, Huntsville,AL

Semiautomatic Ground Environment

SemiAutomatic Ground Environment

Binary Marketing Show

binary marketing show flying momnkey huntsville, AL 9/4/2010

Chattanooga choo choo!!!

mermaid, abby gogo, binarymarketingshow, discoteca, chattanooga,tn.

historical context on the under-belly of missionary ridge. come on out and derail this train of thought.


Abby gogo Chattanooga TN Discoteca 9/3/2010


Mermaids Chattanooga,TN Discoteca 9/3/2010