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Clues from the past review in MusicEmissions

clues from the past 8/27/2010

The Binary Marketing Show may come from Brooklyn and do frequent performances at various New York City venues, but this is a band that knows no boundaries – at least sonically and musically. Clues from the Past is their latest project, an EP following their previous full-length releases Destruction of Your Own Creation and Pattern. In short, their genre is easily identifiable as electronic experimental in the likes of Bjork and Animal Collective.
The EP opens up with “am not who”, a track that is just barely an actual song. Don’t expect to hum along to this one. A lot of glitches, static, radio noise, robotic voices, some random sticks keeping a beat of its own, unintelligible singing along with some lush pads to finish it off.

This is followed by a space-age tune (at least the intro), complete with lightsaber-like lazer sounds. But about forty seconds in, comes a very nice acoustic guitar or possibly bass melody. And you have to appreciate the humorous lyrics, “Sometimes, well, I hate my brain. I just hate the way that it thinks. I hate the way that it feels on my shoulders.” The surprise to this otherwise laidback and lazy song came in at about 1:50 when several layers of sound, including some drums and percussion intruded and gave the tune an automatic energy overhaul.

The nicest thing about experimental electronic music is that it has no shortage of surprises. From the horn solos of “thin windows” to the surprising ethereal mood that develops in “unwilling”, a track that also manages to somehow slip in a country-ish guitar groove ever so smoothly – well after three minutes into the song. TBMS do this frequently. They have a knack for bombarding the listener with a collage of sounds that are each desperately trying to find their appropriate space in the sonic spectrum, and then all of the sudden, you’ll hear some beautiful guitar interrupt to bring some order to the chaos.

Clues from the Past is art in its purest form: it’s raw, stands on its own, it’s beautiful and ugly at the same time, makes up its own rules on the fly. But whether or not it’s music you’ll want to listen to for an extended period of time is debatable – at least for the casual listener. However, if you’re a connoisseur of experimental music, or perhaps an aspiring artist or producer of such, then by all means, dive into this record; study, listen, and learn.

Reviewed by: Carlito on 2010-10-27

The Binary Marketing Show – Clues From The Past (2010) review by Music Emissions

EP review, Metro Pulse, Carey Hodges

Clues from the past EP 8/27/10

Thank’s Carey!

The Brooklyn lo-fi duo Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew, who perform as Binary Marketing Show, create murky compositions that are familiar at the same time they resist categorization. Their latest EP, Clues From the Past, takes found sounds, original instrumentation, and whole lot of reverb and jumbles it up into six songs that morph from dramatic and full-bodied build-ups to naked droning—all of which are occasionally interrupted by spasms of noise. They’ve been compared to Animal Collective, but Carder and Morphew’s newest material escapes AC’s shadow by foregoing accessible song structures. According to their bio, Carder met Morphew while “[w]andering the ancient underground tunnels beneath a mystical city, in search of a place that cured the loneliness of existing in one’s mind.” The group’s music is as much a demonstration of two merging identities as it is an extension of their spiritually tinged relationship­, focusing on the intense emotional dynamic the two obviously share.

Review by Carey Hodges
Metro Pulse Knoxville,TN.


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Thanks to the mitten! Annex here we come!

Golden Ages LUSHES the binary marketing show Savages 8/27 philly 2010

Thank you to ALL the lovely people who came out to the mitten last night. We had a wonderful time dancing, singing bday songs, riding unicorns and roof top jumping( James at least) . Johann is the man and all his pals are grand! Can’t wait to see you guys and gals again. As for now, we are headed to play the annex in Baltimore with our pals lushes, Ineveryroom, great taproot, talk to animals & omoo omoo. We had a swell time checking out a few Philly sites before our departure , the magic garden & the liberty bell( through a window). We’ll post some pics soon! See you in Baltimore !

Philly funtastical magic, with unicorns and horses….

Golden Ages:


EP release the mitten

baltimore with pals:

INEVERYROOM great taproot binary marketing show LUSHES Annex talk to animals

Amy & Chase(ineveryroom minus Rob:():

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James from Lushes blatimore the annex

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binary marketing show the annex 8/28

Nearing departure!

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