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Happy Juneteenth!

Greetings Earthlings and Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth commemorates America’s real Independence day, June 19th, 1865, when more than 250,000 enslaved people in Texas learned that they had gained their freedom through the Emancipation Proclamation two years after it was signed. In 1979 Texas State Representative Al Edwards headed legislation making Texas the first state to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday. Representative Edwards said, “Every year we must remind successive generations that this event triggered a series of events that one by one defines the challenges and responsibilities of successive generations. That’s why we need this holiday.” You can add your name here to help make Juneteenth a National Holiday.

It is Bandcamp Friday and all Bandcamp’s sales are going to the NAACP legal defense fund. We will be donating 100% of our digital sales to BlackPDX. Here are links to our latest record as well as some awesome record labels and artists supporting the movement.

In Love and Solidarity,
The Binary Marketing Show

Our latest album: Short-​term Fix for a Long​-​term Death
Ialive: I’ll Wait Forever
Dead Decade: Already Dead 10th Anniversary Compilation
Cold Rhymes Records
Already Dead Tapes
Bad History Month
Eiderdown Records
Radiator Hospital
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To further support Black Lives on the weekend of Juneteenth Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause, has these suggestions:

First, today (June 19th) and throughout the weekend: Visit to join one of the events happening nationwide on the weekend of Juneteenth.

Next, on Saturday, June 20th, Rev. William Barber and the Poor People’s Campaign will mobilize the Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington — a digital justice gathering to lift up the stories, demands, and solutions of poor and low-wealth people. This is an online-only event. Learn more and get involved here at

Finally, take some time to reflect, listen, and learn about race and racism — a great place to start is with a selection from Ibram X. Kendi’s Anti-Racist Reading List. You can also read Common Cause reports, Democracy Behind Bars and Zero Disenfranchisement, about how our country’s mass incarceration problem is a major obstacle to the democracy we all deserve.

Black Lives Matter

Hello fellow Earthlings,

In light of recent events, countless creators have now committed to donating their revenue to Black Lives Matter groups, anti-racism organizations, and local bail funds.

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are just a few of the Black people killed because of white supremacy and the pervasive anti-Blackness that reinforce the extraordinary injustice and racism in our police and criminal legal systems since their founding centuries ago. We believe that, through our collective action, we can create a world where each and every living being has the freedom to thrive. We stand in solidarity with Black artists and the Black community as we grieve the murders of numerous innocent individuals. The diverse backgrounds within our creative community are our highest source of strength, and we are committed to stand up against racism and actively work to shift the inequality that is manifested in our creative representation and beyond. The use of our collective knowledge sheds any doubts that we are capable of imagining and achieving better. Everyone deserves to feel safe — outdoors, indoors, in their cars, in their homes, in their jobs — wherever they are.

For the remaining year, we are donating 100% of our Bandcamp proceeds to the Portland, OR chapter of Black Lives Matter, BlackPDX.

Our latest album: Short-​term Fix for a Long​-​term Death

Songs on Compilations with incredible beings:

Ialive: I’ll Wait Forever

Our Track: The Sound

Dead Decade: Already Dead 10th Anniversary Compilation

Our Track: The Humor of Nonduality

Resources for direct contribution and activism: BlackPDX, Black Visions Collective, Minnesota Freedom Fund, Northstar Health Collective, Reclaim the Block, Unicorn Riot,Just Georgia Coalition, Community Justice Exchange, CPD network, ACLU, Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc., The Center for Policing Equity, Corporate accountability, The King Center, Blue Courage, and color of change.