The owl chicago

Hey Chicago! We are stopping by to play with some stellar folks. It’s free. Let’s hang out.

Mickey’s Tavern

Making our way east to madison, wi

guided by the cool breeze through the deciduous forest.

Latest Reviews

Here’s what some folks are saying about our latest record, Short-term Fix for a Long-term Death. Check out the links below and read about some of the other amazing music out there that goes virtually unnoticed every day!

Lost in a Sea of Sound
Ruix Zine
Raised By Gypsies

Our new album is also getting some air play on local radio. Feel free to call up your local underground music station and request a track!

Freedom for some is not freedom

Joey Bada$$

‘On this Fourth of July, a holiday meant to celebrate the independence of a nation founded on genocide and slavery that is currently denying its own promise to welcome newcomers to its shores and grant equal rights to its citizens, we asked 13 cultural leaders—activists, writers, politicians, astrologers, fashion designers, to reflect on what the holiday means to them.’ ~PaperMag

Short-term fix for a long-term death

So extraordinarily thrilled to finally release this album into the airwaves. We have worked with so many incredibly talented people to bring this to life. Grateful to all of you for your creative contributions. truly blessed to have all of you in our lives! <3 A&B

‘short-term fix for a long-term death’ is out today on vinyl, tape, digital & all streaming services!

physical & digital (bandcamp)