The Binary Marketing Show is a lo-fi, experimental neo-psychedelia group currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. The group consists of two human beings (Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew) that use buzzy synths, glitchy electronic percussion, woozy horns, and bass guitar to create a dreamscape of melody and rhythm. Like a forest of tall trees that block out the sun, you might get lost if you’re not well-equipped. Their latest release, “Short Term fix for a Long Term Death,” dropped June 29th, 2018 on Already Dead Tapes.

“Short Term fix for a Long Term Death,” a tapestry of field recordings, spiraling synth drones that shimmer and reverberate warmly, and lyrics that are as wistful as they are painful – a blending of peaceful and melancholy thoughts. Fuzzy instrumentations and passages of noise organically punctuate thoughtfully written lyrics, which come about like afterthoughts, hastily jotted on a scrap of newsprint and taped to a dirty mirror.

~Gray Lee
Tabs Out