meah! & mikie




daniel craig



Lushes (NYC)

“Immaculately produced. . . a slippery, pseudo-orchestral work of minimal instrumentation employed to maximum effect.”
Dots and Dashes (UK)

MEAH! (Chicago)

“Taking clear inspiration from lo-fi king Robert Pollard, as well as the metal-inflected drone riffs of bands like Earth, Meah! is even able to break out of these genre subdivisions by spiking their scratchy instrumentation with strategically placed, shrill cries of what could either be jubilation or horror.”
The Chicago Maroon

The binary marketing show ( Little Rock)

“the soundscapes make way to an interstellar-like feel with a modern, digitized sound. The two collaborate and create an electro-pop song in a light-hearted approach. Through expressive lyrics and a steady, simple beat, with a background of whirs and loops, The Binary Marketing Show demonstrate a beautiful texture and well-layered harmonies.”
Already Dead Tapes