Easter Sunday Fun Day!

ezra lbs


Easter Sunday Show starts @ 7pm BYOB

$3 for touring band Kurva Choir
(you gotta have gas to get out on the road and it ain’t cheap!)

Come dressed as a bunny or in your favorite Easter Sunday Dress and bring a basket for the Easter Egg hunt!


Kurva Choir:

Experimental chamber music. Naked. Fragile. Connected. Transcendent. Formerly known as “Kirtan Choir” and “The CJ Boyd Sextet”.

Ezra LBS

Taking melody and mood from college radio patriarchs Yo La Tengo and a cool, slacker rock posture from any number of early ’90s indie rockers, the band may be young, but its spirit is pure “cool older brother.”

Binary Marketing Show

TBMS creates avant-garde soundscapes, spattered with spooky noises, eerie vocal work, and pulsing beats. With multiple releases of varying sounds in their repertoire, the group understand the art of unpredictability and mysteriousness.