New Travelling Spots…..the lava is starting to turn to rock?

We need some help in Atlanta!

Philadelphia,PA-8/27-The mitten
Baltimore,MD-8/28-The annex
Richmond,VA-8/29-the Camel
Greensboro,NC-8/30-Maya Gallery
Chapel Hill,NC-8/31-Nighlight
Athens,GA-9/2-Caledonia Lounge
Huntsville,AL-9/3-the Flying Monkey
Knoxville,TN-9/5-Pilot Light

contacts, farm houses, backyards, chicken coupes…

If you would come, have friends that would come, would have a spot for us to play/crash/camp/dance/frolic let us know! We would Love to see as many of you as possible. Also , if your band would play:Email:

also check out: